We Created a Big Blue Tidal Wave

In 2017, 14 of our 15 candidates won. Our 15th candidate, Shelly Simonds for VA 94, ended up in an even tie after a recount. But, the Republican incumbent challenged a single ballot in court, triggering a random lot drawing for the final result, which the Republican won.

We flipped the Senate in Washington to turn it into a Democratic trifecta state, and for the first time in 17 years, we may break the Republican majority in the Virginia House of Delegates. Democrats also swept statewide races: Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General in Virginia and Governor in New Jersey. This is a big, beautiful, blue tidal waveand we are going to ride it straight into 2018.

You proved that the Sister District model works. All told, we raised over $350,000 in small-dollar cash donations, another $350,000 in partnership with allied organizations, hit 30k doors, made 80k phone calls, wrote 40k postcards, and sent 185k text messages.

But there’s no time to rest, and we’re already at work for 2018. We will support a portfolio of races with the strategic goals of (1) flipping Republican-held legislative chambers blue; (2holding on to (and expanding Democratic control of) chambers with fragile Democratic majorities; and (3) gaining seats in currently likely unflippable but badly gerrymandered chambers. Check out our 2018 Political Strategy.

We are so grateful for your support so far, can you help us kickstart 2018?

We are also proud to announce our support of Margaret Good, who is running for Florida's House of Representatives in District 72.  The special election is February 13, 2018. Let's all help Margaret win!