Felicia French

Arizona State LEGISLATIVE District 6

Colonel (Ret) Felicia French is a third generation Arizonian, who lives in rural Arizona. She has a proven commitment to public service, and family well being which she has shown by taking on the roles of a combat veteran, MedEvac helicopter pilot, registered nurse, an educator, and a single mother with over 32 years of leadership experience. Felicia is running alongside another Sister District candidate, Bobby Tyler, who is a candidate for the Arizona House of Representatives in the same district.

Felicia has her B.S. in Nursing, her M.S. in Management and an M.S. in Sustainable Solutions. During her military career, she also received training in Alternative Dispute Resolution techniques and in mediation- making her a strong bipartisan candidate.

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Felicia in the News

"Democrats see election season promise in women."—AZ Daily Sun

Why this Race is Important

Arizona is a blue flip state. Democrats are only three seats away from flipping its state senate blue.

Arizona is currently a trifecta state for the Republicans, which means they control the governorship, the state house and the state senate. Right now, Democrats have 13 seats in the Arizona Senate and Republicans have 17 seats. Our goal is to flip the Arizona senate blue by helping fragile incumbents hold their seats and flipping three seats blue.

Arizona Legislative District 6 is particularly important because it is nested in Congressional District 1, which is a competitive district with a Cook PVI score of R+2, went for Trump and is being targeted by the Republicans. Getting out the vote for our down-ballot races will not only help our fantastic candidates, but it will also help keep this congressional seat blue.

Sister District Policy Scorecard

This candidate has pledged commitment to the following statements:

  • We must protect a woman’s right to choose the health care and reproductive services she wants and needs.

  • We need to protect and expand our social safety net, not dismantle it.

  • We should pursue common-sense gun safety policies, consistent with the Second Amendment and local community standards and needs, which vary from community to community.

  • Climate change is real and we need to protect our environment.

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