Announcing Six New Sister Races!

We are thrilled to announce an additional six races for the 2017 Virginia State House of Delegates elections in November. We offer our congratulations and support to these candidates:

These candidates are exceptional and, in some cases, history-making. They fought hard and prevailed in the primaries, and we are excited to add them to the list of candidates we have already been supporting---which you have been crushing, by the way!

* In the primary for Virginia District 2, the winner won by only 12 votes. So, that district is having a mandatory recount which will take place over the next month. We will be supporting whichever Democrat won the primary, so stay tuned for the winner!

Here's the plan moving forward:

You and your team already have a Sister Race, which you will keep through November. But because we want everyone to have the opportunity to support a candidate from this exciting new list, all teams will be formally paired with a second Sister Race. Your next assignment will be coming in a separate email that you will receive shortly. 

One note: We know that some of our teams are dedicated to their first Sister Race and would prefer to stay focused on just one candidate for now. If you are one of those teams, you'll receive a separate follow-up note from your District Captains regarding next steps. (If you want to throw some dollars to more than one candidate regardless, please do!)

If you have any questions, please reply to this email and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

Remember, the only way we win back power in government is to win elections. State elections in particular are important, because states control redistricting

Right now, Republicans are just two states away from being able to call for a constitutional convention, a movement being funded by far-right groups like the Tea Party and the Koch Brothers to destroy our country as we know it. 

Republicans have so badly gerrymandered their states that the majority of the population is consistently beholden to the minority, who will literally violate the law to keep themselves in power. The situation is dire. Every seat in every state that we win makes it harder for them to march down this path of tyranny.

We know it may feel strange to live elsewhere in the country and hear us asking you to support a state legislative race in Virginia. But this year, Virginia is the only Republican state holding legislative elections, and taking hold of this badly gerrymandered state is an important first step to re-building our foundation.

We can't wait to see what you can do over the next few months. Keep an eye out for more details from us and your district captain about your second race!

Rita, Gaby, Lala & Candis