It's almost time for 2017 race announcements!

It’s race season! We know everyone has been eagerly awaiting their race assignments. We have been pouring over our research, making contact with campaigns, and setting up the infrastructure for our Sister Race assignments so that we can announce our first round of races this month. We have also finalized our legal status and are officially able to accept donations for our operational expenses. Read on for details!

Wave 1. On April 19, we will be announcing our official support for nine races, and every Sister District team will be matched with one of these. That means that you will be able to start working on behalf of an actual candidate who faces a tough election in November. The important state legislative races we will announce are in Virginia, Washington, and Georgia. When you get your assignment, we will give you a welcome packet with information about your candidate, the candidate’s district, and how to get started. We hope you’re excited—we sure are!

Wave 2. Another wave of Sister Races will be assigned in June, and every district will get a second Sister Race at that time. These are races where there is more than one Democratic candidate in the primary, and we are waiting until the primary has occurred to know who the candidate is. Again, you will receive information on your candidate and his or her race. 

Until now, we have not accepted a penny for our work. All operational expenses have been shouldered by our founders, and we are run entirely by volunteers. We wanted to make sure that we undertook appropriate due diligence and had a robust operation before seeking funding.

After carefully considering all our options, we are now registered as a 527 political organization and a political action committee (PAC). With our growing number of volunteers, technology needs, professional and compliance fees, and operational expenses, we need funding to continue to support our efforts and begin to hire full-time staff.

So we are kicking off our fundraising right here! Please contribute $20 or more today to help us meet our goal of raising $20,000 from you, our founding members, by June 1. 

No amount is too small! If you are happy with our organization and excited to get to work, please consider donating. We thank you for all your efforts and, with your support, we hope to continue doing this necessary work with you for years to come.

Friends, it has only been five months since our world turned upside down. That feeling of despair has not faded. Knowing that we still have almost four years of corruption, lies, intolerance, and heartbreak coming at us from those who run the country that we cherish is still hard to accept.

But if you are receiving this email, you are not sitting idly on the sidelines. You made the decision to resist, to fight, and to stand up for democracy. You have chosen to act by helping progressives win at the ballot box. This is the only way to return power to the majority of our country, where it belongs.

We are with you all the way, and we are humbled by your passion and persistence. With heads down and sleeves rolled up, let's get to work.

Looking forward,
Rita, Gaby, Lala, and Candis