We are California 13, the Congressional District represented by Barbara Lee. Our district runs through Alameda, Albany, Berkeley, Emeryville, Oakland, Piedmont, and San Leandro.

We are continually working to support our candidates and expand our reach to potential new members for our group! Please join us by signing up and indicate CA13 as your congressional district.

We have a full calendar of events and opportunities for our members to make a real difference!

We host:

  • phone banking, post carding, and (hopefully) text banking parties.

  • fundraising events including parties, musical events, and other fun opportunities.


We are currently supporting Cheryl Turpin in the VA-85 House of Delegates race and Kathy Tran in the VA-42 House of Delegates race.

  • Here is a one-page flyer you can use about our races.

Are you a new member?

  • Once you sign up with the Sister District Project, you can also join our Facebook group on

  • If you have questions, please contact Mary, our Volunteer Happiness Coordinator, and she will help you find your way.

Want to host a fundraising event? 

This will get you started:

  • This document is a list of ideas for fundraising.  It’s a great place to start.

  • This checklist will help you stay organised.

  • This document explains all the ways you can get your money to one of our candidates.

  • This document is a summary of all the fundraisers we have run.  Poke through it, get ideas, learn something and then remember to add your fundraiser when you are done.

  • Need more? Please contact Jody or Karina our Fundraising Coordinators

Want to host, train, or call at a phone bank? 

  • Please contact Rachel, our Phone Banking Coordinator

Want to host a post-carding party? 

We are currently pre-writing for the Turpin campaign (meaning we have instructions but no addresses.  If you want to throw a postcard party to pre-write, download the organiser’s instructions and the party-goer’s instructions.  Save your pens and postcards and get back together when you get the addresses!

  • Please contact Andrea, our Postcarding Coordinator

Want to walk the streets and talk to Democrats about voting?

  • Please contact Melanie, our Canvassing Coordinator.

Do you have other talents you would like to put to use?  We do special projects for candidates as well.

  • Please contact Andrea, one of our District organisers, and we’ll find a home for your skills.

For a complete calendar of our upcoming events and the events we support, please visit our facebook page and look under ‘events.’

We look forward to meeting you!




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Sister District for Kathy Tran (VA-42)
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Sister District for Cheryl Turpin (VA-85)

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