Aisha Sanders

Mississippi State House of Representatives | District 96

Aisha Sanders is a native of Natchez, Mississippi. She received a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Kentucky. In 2014, Aisha graduated from the Southern University Law Center (SULC) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with a Juris Doctorate degree. She is a member of the Mississippi, Louisiana and Magnolia Bar Associations. Aisha practices law at the Sanders Law Firm PLLC, where she serves as the Managing Partner.

Aisha was born into a family of lawyers and educators who emphasized the importance of education as well as public service. Aisha learned to appreciate these values at an early age. Her passion for the law runs as deep as her commitment to improving the quality of life for all Mississippians. While in law school, Aisha was an intern with the Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus. As a Marshall Brenan Scholar, she served as a tutor and worked in the classrooms with teachers and students in the East Baton Rouge Parish School System.

As Aisha advanced her professional career, she did so while serving her community. Aisha became the youngest, first female and first African-American to serve as Adams County Prosecutor. She currently serves as a public defender with Adams County, the city prosecutor for the Town of Woodville and an Adjunct Instructor at Alcorn State University. Aisha is also a tutor at the D&J Youth Group in Natchez. She is the founder and president of the Dunbar-Green Foundation, which annually gives away school supplies, and provides the students with a fun day prior to the beginning of school.

As a candidate for the state legislature, Aisha has made funding for public education, raises for teachers and state employees, job security for state employees and affordable healthcare for all, the cornerstones of her campaign.

Aisha is running for State Representative because she believes she can serve her community more efficiently in the State Legislature. District 96 was created to give a voice to the underrepresented black community in Southwest Mississippi. This district includes public employees, public educators, failing school districts, low income families, and citizens who are often overcharged and heavily policed resulting in disproportionate representation in the criminal justice system.

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On The Issues

Quality of Public Education
An opportunity to improve our social and economic conditions- insure that our children have a chance at a better life than we have.
Supporting education, of course, means increased salaries for teachers who are on the front lines of the educational battle

Retirement Benefits
Public employees, after rendering a life of service, should not have to worry about whether their retirement benefits will somehow be jeopardize. Employees have invested in a retirement system and the state should make sure they receive a fair return on their investment.
This also means providing state employees with greater job security. They should not be without the protection of the state personnel board. It is just wrong to place state employees in a position where they are subject to transfer and termination without any right to contest the action of their supervisor.

State Subsidized Pay for Law Enforcement
Members of the law enforcement community put their lives on the line for us each and every day without adequate compensation. The state of MS should provide supplemental in order to equalize pay, so that an officer can focus on his job and career. And, not be continuously faced with the notion of looking for a better paying job.

Civil Service Protection Bill
In 2017 Sanders opponent (Cockerham) supported House Bill 974 which would have removed most state employees from civil service protection for a three year period, allowing agency heads to more easily fire, demote or transfer employees to other positions under the pretext of saving money during the state budget crunch. The Civil Service Protection Bill passed 62-58 in the House, mostly along partisan lines, with Republicans voting in favor of the Bill and Democrats voting against it. Sanders’ opponent (Cockerham) presented the bill on the House floor. However, the bill ultimately died in a Senate committee.

Equal Pay
During the 2017 Legislative Session, Bills that would have required employers to pay women equal pay for the same jobs as their male counterparts died again in the Mississippi Legislature. The Democratic Caucus said in an email statement from Chairman David Baria, D-Bay St. Louis, and Reps. Sonya Williams-Barnes, D-Gulfport, and Bryant Clark, D-Pickens. Said the following: “Despite strong bipartisan effort and all evidence regarding the wisdom and benefits of ensuring equal pay for equal work, there will be no pay equity law passed by the Mississippi Legislature in 2017,” The caucus said they tried to maneuver the bill out of committee by suspending House rules. That effort failed on a partisan vote 47-72 with former Democrat Rep. Angela Cockerham (Sanders’ opponent) joining Republicans in opposition.

Although the Mississippi Legislature passed and the Governor signed, a $1,500 across the board pay raise for the state’s teachers and teacher assistants, the income boost hardly scratches the surface. The Mississippi Department of Education says that before the raises, teachers in the state received an average of $44,659, which is less than the Southeastern average of about $51,000. The minimum salary for assistant teachers has long been frozen at $12,500. That will increase to $14,000.

It is unfortunate that the economic well being of professionals who have such a profound impact on all of our lives for such an extended period of time is not better protected. Sanders supports salary increases that will make our state competitive in the education area by attracting and retaining talented persons. A teacher should not be required work a second job in order to provide for his or her family.

Aisha Sanders

Aisha Sanders

Mississippi State House of Representatives | District 96
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