Sister District Project (SDP) of the Front Range

 Welcome to the Sister District Project (SDP) of the Front Range! As residents of safe blue districts (CO01 and CO06) or districts that don’t have state elections it is frustrating to see red dominating the map at the Congressional and state levels - it's time to change that! SDP harnesses a grassroots network of volunteers and channels our resources to nearby swing districts - places where small, focused efforts can make a real impact. We are excited to work with you and our neighbors across the Front Range region to support Democrats in flippable districts and turn red to blue!

Given the targeted nature of our mission, our actions as volunteers will be tactical efforts at strategic points in time. We’ll support critical federal, state and local elections. Our primary actions on behalf of our Sister District Campaign will be:

1. Learn about our candidate;
2. Amplify our candidate's campaign and message on social media;
3. Participate in fundraising drives/events for our candidate;
4. Phone banking;
5. Canvassing (if feasible)
6. Get out the vote efforts!


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If you have questions about SDP or your team, please reach out to your District Captains Meike Babel at or Matt Hundley at who can help answer questions or help get you going.

We are excited to have you on board as a volunteer and look forward to putting our individual energy into collective action! We will be in touch soon with upcoming actions, events and information about critical 2017 races.

Best regards,

Your Front Range Sister District Captain Team

Meike Babel, Mona Ellis and Matt Hundley





jennifer carroll foy (VA02)candidate links

Website || Facebook || Twitter  || SD Race Facebook



John Bell (VA87) candidate links

Website || Facebook || Twitter || Race Dossier || SD Race Facebook