At Sister District, we believe it's important to help our successful alums run for re-election—that's why we launched the Sister District Alumni Fund.

In 2019, twelve Sister District alumni are running for re-election in the Virginia House of Delegates. One alumna, Shelly Simonds, lost in a heartbreaking tie in 2017, but is running again in 2019. We are proud to support all twelve of these incredible women and men.

Your donation will go directly to the following candidates:

  • Jennifer Carroll Foy (HOD 2)

  • Chris Hurst (HOD 12)

  • Danica Roem (HOD 13)

  • Elizabeth Guzman (HOD 31)

  • David Reid (HOD 32)

  • Kathleen Murphy (HOD 34)

  • Kathy Tran (HOD 42)

  • Lee Carter (HOD 50)

  • Karrie Delaney (HOD 67)

  • Cheryl Turpin (HOD 85)

  • Mike Mullin (HOD 93)

  • Shelly Simonds (HOD 94)