We can't lose ground

At Sister District, we believe it's important to help our successful alums run for re-election—that's why we launched the Sister District Alumni Fund. Through this page, volunteers and supporters donate funds that go directly to our Sister District alumni who are now sitting legislators, currently running for re-election.

This year, we have three Sister District alums who are running for re-election. Each of these women was elected in a special election in 2017 or 2018, which means that they are in a very fragile position and will be heavily targeted by aggressive Republicans this November.

Two legislators are in chambers where their election either flipped or held the chamber blue, and one legislator’s election staved off a Republican supermajority. Each legislator has been extremely effective in the short time that she has taken office—proposing important bills, sitting on legislative committees, and actually seeing their own bills pass and be signed into law.

Manka Dhingra, Washington Senate LD-45

  • Strategic importance: Manka’s win flipped the entire Washington State senate chamber blue and turned Washington into a Democratic trifecta state.

  • Legislative accomplishments: Manka had an incredibly impactful first legislative session. She sponsored 14 bills, five of which passed and were signed into law.  These included an important gun control bill protecting domestic violence survivors (SB6298), and vital bills modernizing child support & health care programs (SB6334) and strengthening Medicaid within Washington (SB6051).  She also introduced a number of bills pushing for progressive, innovative solutions to social problems and criminal justice, which didn’t pass into law, but which did move important conversations forward.  These included SB6502, which would improve housing stability for people with disabilities and seniors, and SB6025, which would expand recovery support and treatment services for individuals participating in drug court.

  • Sister District support: Shout-out to our fantastic Washington state, Oregon, and California Peninsula teams, who were "sistered" to Manka’s race in 2017.

  • Get involved: Donate to Manka’s re-election, or get involved with the campaign directly.

Margaret Good, Florida House of Representatives HD-72

  • Strategic importance: Margaret’s win staved off a Republican supermajority.

  • Legislative accomplishments: Margaret jumped in to session immediately after winning her special election. The day after she was elected, Florida was shattered by the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. Margaret held town halls on gun violence and fought for gun safety legislation in the legislature, and will continue to fight for this issue next session. During the 2018 session, she cosponsored a bill that passed and was entered into law, under which Florida will now cover post-traumatic stress disorder under workers compensation for first responders (HB227).

  • Sister District support: Margaret’s race was our first Sister Race of 2018. It was an all-hands on deck race, where our entire community supported her. We raised $---, made over 35,000 calls, sent ---- postcards, and knocked hundreds of doors.

  • Get involved: Donate to Margaret’s re-election, or get involved with the campaign directly.

Stephanie Hansen, Delaware State Senate SD-10

  • Strategic importance: Stephanie’s win held the Delaware senate blue.

  • Legislative accomplishments: Stephanie has hit the ground running. In the 2017 session, she introduced three important bills that passed and were signed into law. These included SB41, a bill aimed at curbing the growing epidemic of opioid addiction, which expanded health insurance requirements for the coverage of substance abuse treatment.  Another successful bill was SB107, a bill facilitating collaboration among school districts and the public health department to improve air quality at schools.

  • Sister District support: Stephanie’s race was our very first Sister Race! It was an all-hands on deck race, where our entire community supported her. We raised $---, made hundreds of calls and knocked hundreds of doors.

  • Get involved: Donate to Stephanie’s re-election, or get involved with the campaign directly.

These legislators need our help to win reelection this year.  They are facing increasingly hostile Republican challengers, who will be fueled by incredible quantities of dark money.  We can do our part by contributing some “light money” to these fragile incumbents now, who are each proving their effectiveness as legislators right out of the gate.

Our Sister District community was instrumental in helping these legislators win last year—let’s help keep them in office now!