2019: Last Chance Races

Every ten years, the results of the National Census trigger redistricting in the states. This means that in 2021, every state will re-draw its electoral district maps – an opportunity that we won’t have again until 2031. State legislatures control the redistricting process in 37 states, so who we send to our state legislatures between now and 2020 will have consequences up and down the ballot for years to come. Read more about our “Last Chance” strategy—and stay tuned for 2019 race announcements.

Get ready Virginia, Mississippi & Louisiana!


In 2019, we’ll be supporting critical last chance state legislative races in three key states: Virginia, Mississippi, and Louisiana. At Sister District, we don’t get involved in primary contests—we believe that local Democrats know best who they’d like to see run. We’ll announce our support for these states after primaries are over.

In the meantime, please consider a donation to our Sister District Virginia Fund, to raise funds for Virginia state legislative candidates!

Check back here for announcements, or sign up to volunteer and help us get ready for 2019.