Featured Candidate:

Tammy Savoie

“Louisiana is consistently ranked #50 based on numerous quality of life indicators. We can change that.”

This year, Sister District is proud to support our first Louisiana candidate ever: Dr. Tammy Savoie, running for Louisiana State House of Representatives District 94. Tammy has been hard on the campaign trail in 2019, supported by Sister District’s volunteer teams in New Orleans and throughout the South – in fact, her campaign manager is also a district captain for Sister District! We asked Tammy to explain a little bit about her personal journey, why she decided to run for office, and the policy she intends to work on if elected.

Headshot of Tammy Savoie candidate for Louisiana House of Delegates

Together, we can lift Louisiana up.

I’m Dr. Tammy Savoie – I’m a Louisiana native, a Mom, a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, and a clinical psychologist. Hard work and determination have always driven me and that’s the representation Louisianans deserve: someone who will work hard and look out for them.

I’m a clinical psychologist who deployed to Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom. I worked at the Pentagon improving healthcare for our soldiers. The U.S. military was a family to my daughter and always looked out for her at each new base. My Jefferson and Orleans Parish roots and family along with my military family taught me and my daughter the valuable lesson of take care and protect that which we hold dear.

Tammy being sworn into the military

Tammy with her daughter in matching dresses

Why Tammy Savoie is running for office

We sat down with Tammy to find out more.

“I chose to run for office because I could not very well look at the state of my state and not take action. My 38+ years in the military has trained me to keep going when things get tough. As so many others have done, I thought “why not me?” I am committed to making the changes I know my state needs and that is why I became politically active.

I am most proud of our people. We are a strong, resilient, fun-loving, community-focused people. We take care of each other. My representation will be led by what the majority of the individuals in district 94, and the state generally, need to make their lives better. I am running for state representative because our people work hard and I truly believe that Louisiana should be working for them.”

Louisiana is a unique and beautiful state, both environmentally and culturally – there is no place quite like it. And yet, life shouldn’t be so hard for so many Louisianans.”

Tammy being sworn in to office
Tammy giving blood

Tammy’s Priorities

Work hard for constituents

Answer every call. Respond to every email. Work hard. Fight hard. Get results. It doesn’t matter which political party is in charge—as a member of the Louisiana House representing District 94, Tammy Savoie will work hard every day to achieve real results.

Listen to Priorities

Ask questions, drill down, and understand the priorities of the people of our District. Our leaders have stopped listening to the people. That ends with Dr. Tammy Savoie as a Representative for District 94.

Get Results with Bipartisan Solutions

Tammy will be a strong, independent voice for the working families of District 94. Tammy’s military leadership experience taught her to work across the aisle. We get more done by working together. This is the solution to get the results we need to support small businesses, support mothers and children, support education and teachers, and get our economy working for all families.

Tammy’s Platform

Water Management, Infrastructure, Education

As District 94 Representative I will tackle local issues with gusto! My motto is: A strong business environment means a strong community and a strong community means a strong business environment. In order to create and sustain a strong community we must take care of the following issues:

  • Tackle water management and flood protection, levee and lakefront protection
  • Invest in our infrastructure (improving deteriorating roadways and bridges)
  • Crime prevention and safety
  • Advance top-notch educational opportunities and invest in our District 94 K-12 schools
  • Ensure prosperity for our businesses, create an economic development climate, ensure appropriate zoning regulations; and protect residential areas from encroachment.

Economics, Healthcare, Reproductive Rights

Besides local issues as District 94 Representative, I will fight ferociously to advance Louisiana on all fronts to lift us from the bottom of all the life quality indexes, including being the worst state in the union for women to live. These issues include:

  • Economic prosperity to include a livable wage for all, pay equity, pay transparency, local control over minimum wage and municipal issues
  • Affordable, accessible health care with continued Medicaid expansion and maintaining coverage for preexisting conditions
  • Maintain women’s reproductive rights and bodily autonomy; comprehensive sex education; accessible, affordable contraception, and pre- and post-natal care
  • Gun violence prevention.

Threats to Democracy

We have seen threats to our democracy across the country which we must combat on all levels, federal, state and local! We must and, as District 94 Representative, I will relentlessly pursue the preservation of our democracy by taking on these challenging issues:

  • Champion an independent commission to create fair districts for both Federal and State District boundaries which will be set in 2021
  • Buttress and advance voter rights protection to include increasing ease of registration and voting
  • Addressing climate change and the existential threat that we face in Louisiana, particularly in Jefferson and Orleans Parishes due to our vanishing coastline.
Tammy canvassing
Tammy meeting a couple while canvassing