Contra costa county, California

About Us

We are a growing and passionate group of Sister District volunteers from Contra Costa County in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We are supporting campaigns in state legislative districts identified by SDP as critical to the overall strategy of (1) flipping Republican-held state chambers (2) holding fragile Democratic majorities in state chambers, and (3) making blue inroads in badly gerrymandered states.

We are all busy people who want to make the best use of our volunteer time. Our events are focused and crisply organized to give all participants a sense of time well spent, working alongside like-minded individuals, to achieve a specific goal and make a difference.

We are building a full calendar of events in the months ahead, including:

  • Phone banking, post carding, and text banking parties.
  • Fundraising events for candidates, including house parties, entertainment events and other fun opportunities.

Have questions about our group?  Get in touch using the "contact" button on this page.

Are you new?  Welcome!

  •  Once you sign up, you can also join our Facebook group. We regularly post information there on all our events, and general updates about our committee.
  • We also send regular (but not too regular!) email updates and reminders to our active volunteer list.

Not sure how to get involved?

Sister District Project has tons of information and templates to help volunteers organize activities.  We are looking for help in a variety of areas, including:

  • Phone and text banking:  making calls, hosting a session, training others
  • Postcard parties:  organizing or participating in a meeting to write post cards to a district to support a candidate or get out the (blue) vote.  
  • Fundraising:  we’re always looking for volunteers with fresh ideas, talents or skills to draw a group of people together for a fun event that supports a candidate or Sister District as an organization.

Other Support:  It takes a village to mobilize volunteers across a vast district like Contra Costa County.  Any special skills or experience you bring to help a growing group of passionate individuals make a difference in our campaigns are welcome.

We look forward to meeting you!