Greater Chicago

Greater Chicago area (IL Congressional districts 1-10 and 14)


About Us

Sister District Greater Chicago is an umbrella team for the Greater Chicago area, broadly defined - we encompass IL Congressional districts 1-10 and 14. We include five established local teams, primarily on the north side of Chicago and in the northern and western suburbs, and we also incorporate areas in Greater Chicago that do not (yet) have a local team. And we have more teams in the works - you can help us start one in your neighborhood. In 2017, when we had just one local team, we supported two winning candidates in Virginia, Chris Hurst and Karrie Delaney. We are doing it all: postcarding, phone banking, fundraising, and canvassing. We're so excited to be working close to home on races in Southwest Michigan. To connect, sign up at the web site and/or join our Facebook group!