Manka Dhingra (WA-45)

Sister District helped elect Manka in a November 2017 special election, and her re-election in 2018. We believe that it is important to help our Sister District alumni who are now sitting legislators—that's why we have launched the Sister District Alumni Fund.

Why is this race (still) important?

Manka’s win flipped the entire Washington State senate chamber blue and turned Washington into a Democratic trifecta state.

Legislative accomplishments

Manka had an incredibly impactful first legislative session. She sponsored 14 bills, five of which passed and were signed into law.  These included an important gun control bill protecting domestic violence survivors (SB6298), and vital bills modernizing child support & health care programs (SB6334) and strengthening Medicaid within Washington (SB6051).  She also introduced a number of bills pushing for progressive, innovative solutions to social problems and criminal justice, which didn’t pass into law, but which did move important conversations forward.  These included SB6502, which would improve housing stability for people with disabilities and seniors, and SB6025, which would expand recovery support and treatment services for individuals participating in drug court.

Sister District support

Shout-out to our fantastic Washington state, Oregon, and California Peninsula teams, who were "sistered" to Manka’s race in 2017.


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