Our organizing unit is the congressional district where you live and vote for your representative in the House (of Representatives). This is the home of your local Sister District team and the group you will join to get trained and organized while you wait to be paired with a Sister Race.*

If you don't know the Congressional District in which you currently live, find it here. You will use this information to sign up as a volunteer so we can connect you with your local team.

Find Your District

Election season generally runs from June to November, and we will not assign Sister Races until there is a candidate with whom we can coordinate. 

Nevertheless, we encourage you to sign up now! Already, local teams in all 50 states are meeting up to discuss their agendas and gather more volunteers. Signing up now allows you to connect with other SDP volunteers in your area and get trained and organized while you await your Sister Race assignment. Your local group may also want to engage in complementary activism activities, such as those suggested by Indivisible, or get involved in supporting or resisting local races in your area.